Things to Make With Pinto Beans

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Pinto beans can be used in a variety of recipes.

The pinto bean is among the bean most commonly consumed beans in America and Mexico. It is prevalent in Mexican cooking, as well as southern foods. The word pinto means painted. The beans start as a light color with splotches of color, then turn into a solid pink color after they are cooked. Pinto beans are one way for vegetarians to gain protein. You can buy the beans either canned or dried.



Pinto beans carry plenty of protein. Adding them to vegetable soup will complete the nutritional recommendations for protein. Kidney beans play a large role in chili, but pinto beans can be added to the chili or substituted for the kidney beans. The beans can also play a big role in bean soup. A variety of pinto bean soups exist. You can make the soup spicy or creamy, thick or watery.


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Main Dishes

Pinto beans go well with most meats. The beans are used frequently with pork as a pork and beans dish. Pinto beans can also act as an accompaniment and bring out the flavor of a steak. Vegetarians can enjoy pinto beans cooked with rice and tomatoes. Throw in some spices and you have a complete meal.


Side Dishes and Appetizers

Pinto beans go well as a side dish if prepared correctly. You can cook them in a slow cooker with some ham hocks or bacon to add flavor to the dish. Pinto beans can also be placed in a food processor with spices, such as garlic and oregano. After the ingredients have been thoroughly chopped and mixed, the resulting product can be spread on bread or used as a dip.



Mexican recipes often use pinto beans. Refried beans are typically made from pinto beans. With refried beans, you can make tostadas or burritos. Prepare a Mexican salad with pinto beans thrown into it. The beans add more flavor to the salad. You can also make pinto bean and cheese quesadillas for your family meal.



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