Most Profitable Crafts Ideas

The crossroad that intersects your artistic passion with what people want to buy presents the best opportunity for a profitable craft business. The first step is to find a distinctive craft niche with little competition and a crowd hungry for what you produce. And then find a process that allows you to make your craft items quickly and for a profit. While you may enjoy making beaded jewelry, if it takes you a day or two to complete a necklace and earring set, you'll hardly be able to make your craft business profitable, especially when the competition is high and others sell them for pennies on the dollar.

Fashionable Art

Even with the constant changes in fashion, almost no one can resist handmade wearable art or fashion accessories. One-of-a-kind fabric and lace cuff bracelets send a fashion and an art statement at the same time. Leather or fabric armbands, art fabric scarves or even fabric rose-blossom hairpins or ties are all profitable ideas and quick to construct when you add your artsy touches.

Hearty Handbags

Women love their purses, wallets and cosmetic bags. And when you can create them yourself out of fabric or leather at reasonable costs, add your exceptional designs or artistic touches to these items, you could have a profitable business that sells these items out in nothing flat.

Crafty Buttons and Pins

Back in the day, politicians used to advertise their message on pin-back buttons of all shapes. But nowadays, that medium presents anew with craft art, witty sayings and messages made into pin-back buttons and even refrigerator magnets. You can make these buttons by hand or make them with a button machine, which you can buy or rent.

Crafty Home Decor

Table runners, napkins, cloth table mats, throw pillows, covers for throw pillows, lace-edged pillowcases and home decor accents do not take long to make. Whether you construct your items out of designer fabrics, paint your own designs on fabrics or make one-of-the kind place settings, home decor accents present a profitable craft niche.

Bath and Body

When you decided to start making your own soaps, bath and oil products, you probably never imagined that others would want to buy what you make. One woman just makes four varieties of homemade lip balm she sells inexpensively but has already racked up almost 39,000 sales. She put a twist on her products by coming up with different names. If you do it right, you can make a profitable business selling homemade soaps and bath products.

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