A Birthday Gift for a 56-Year-Old Woman

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Ladies of all ages love gifts.

At 56 people experience the second Saturn Return, and they question whether they have fulfilled their life goals to the extent they intended. Women are more mature at age 56, and if they need something, they buy it themselves. They know what kind of fragrance and styles that they are most comfortable wearing and may not appreciate someone else's taste. Appropriate gifts for a 56-year-old woman can be personal, educational, relaxing, adventurous or inspiring.


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Unusual, Inexpensive Gifts

Things she'd never dreamed existed can lift the spirit of the gift to surprising and welcomed. For example, an easy-to-install faucet light for her powder room sink, where she can get a glass of water from in the middle of the night, is a mood-enhancing gift. Water cascades through a beam of soft blue light that creates ambiance without turning on another light. A monogrammed purse hook will ensure that she always has a place to put her handbag when she comes home. Have a professional astrologer write an astrology reading for her coming personal year.


Unusual, Expensive Gifts

Most women would welcome a gorgeous piece of elegant jewelry. Beautiful Philip Stein watches not only are pretty to wear, but are touted by the manufacturer to create positive effects for the wearer, that also improve sleep and reduce stress. Or wrap the first of the Wine of the Month club for her to open on her birthday. She'll receive six to 12 more bottles, depending upon how much you want to buy over the coming months.


Gifts of Experience

Give the gift of time and tuition for her to take a class that will enrich her life. Community colleges offer a wide variety of courses that offer credits towards a degree, or that will simply enhance her life. Or, take her on a getaway weekend to Seattle for the Chocolate Indulgence two hour tour, or to Brooklyn, New York for an afternoon of private glass blowing instruction. Many cities offer private dance and art lessons. Even after an hour or two, she may feel as though she has augmented her skills and refreshed her spirit.


The Spa

When many people think of birthday gifts for women of all ages, they automatically think of a spa gift certificate. At age 56, she may want any number of services that a day spa offers. Many spa menus offer packages of an entire day of treatments, relaxations and alternative healing in beautiful settings that include lunch. To spend a lot on the gift, send her to a gorgeous setting, such as Sedona, Arizona. To make it that much more special, buy a day for her best friend, too.


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