Games & Activities for Mother's Day at Church

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At Mother's Day church services, pastors often use Proverbs 31 to teach the importance of the roles mothers and women in general have in society and what God expects of them in their daily lives. In this verse, the ideal mother is one who honors God, loves her husband and children, looks after the needs of the less fortunate and maintains her home well. Incorporate this theme into your church's Mother's Day activities program to add meaningful fun to the day.


Group Lunch

Hold a Mother's Day lunch in the church's fellowship hall after the service. A suggested menu includes herb-roasted chicken with pan gravy, braised carrots and red potatoes, wild rice and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Present a small bag of favors to each mother and ask volunteers to offer words of gratitude to their mothers for all they've done for their families and community.


Video of the Day

Children's Tribute

Invite all of your church's mothers to Sunday School, where the students will prepare and recite poems that state their love for their mothers and specific reasons why they feel that love. The children can also give their mothers corsages to wear during the church service and throughout the day.


Afternoon at the Movies

Purchase one or two movies that promote Christian values and have themes of motherhood and family for a Mother's Day "Afternoon at the Movies" after the church service. Invite mothers and their families to the event and serve typical movie snacks such as popcorn, candy bars and soft drinks, as well as healthier options such as granola bars and fruit juices.


Proverbs 31 Skit

Since Proverbs 31 is a popular Mother's Day church service theme, have your Sunday School students perform a skit based on it. Write a Proverbs 31-themed script that has roles for all of the children and practice it several times before Mother's Day, when they will perform it after church for their mothers.



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