Fun Activity Ideas for a 25-Year Class Reunion

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Plan activities that everyone can participate in for your reunion.

The older you get the more milestone celebrations there are for you to participate in. Your 25th year class reunion is no different. If you were close to your classmates, chances are you've experienced several key milestones along the way. For those who are still meeting and getting together to celebrate your 25th class reunion, provide activities full of fun and reminiscing.


Game Night

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Realize what big kids everyone still is by hosting a welcome reception and game night. Set up card games with poker and blackjack tables to appeal to the new sophisticates in your bunch. Stack several board and card games from your high school days on other guest tables so attendees can interact with each other over a few of their favorite games. Monopoly, Connect Four, Simon and Battleship are all great games from your childhood and are available at your local toy store.

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Cafeteria Dinner Party

Give your big dinner party a creative spin by hosting your main event dinner in your school cafeteria. Arrange a committee of talented interior designers who can transform your school cafeteria into an elegant venue made for catching up. Request that attendees adhere to a cocktail or semi-formal dress code. Replace cafeteria benches with interconnecting rectangle tables draped in dark linens. Rent Chiavari chairs donned with a single wide ribbon of your school colors. Hire a caterer to serve gourmet dishes complete with dessert. For an unexpected dinner twist, serve the delectable morsels from lunch trays.


Baby Picture ID

Request that all attendees send in a baby photo of themselves. Scan in each photo. During the dinner function, project each image onto a large screen using a project and computer slide show. Allow attendees to write down their guesses for who's who in the photos. At the end of the night reward the winner who had the most correct answers with a special prize or certificate.


Admin Match-up

Now that everyone's in their forties, you're the age several of your teachers and administrators were when you were in school. Break up into teams and take a trip down memory lane by brainstorming who everyone at your class reunion is most alike now. Did the class clown turn out to be a lot more like Janitor Bob or Principal Walker? Give everyone a chance to reassign themselves to a staff personality and share the results.



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