The Best Pots for Azaleas

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Azaleas range in color from white, pink, purple and red.

Azaleas are actually shrubs and are classified under the Rhododendrons genus. They bloom in spring but their flowers will begin to wilt in just a few weeks. Azaleas do not need much sun and often grow under trees. Azalea festivals are held throughout the world and the plant is a popular one among gardeners.


No Size Limit

Azaleas can be planted in a pot that is much larger than they will ever need. A large pot will allow the plant to spread it's roots out farther. The plant will grow larger as a result. Several azaleas can be planted in one large pot.


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Azalea Pot

An azalea pot is one that is fairly shallow. It is characterized by having a depth that is equal to three-fourths the diameter of the pot (measured at the rim.) By comparison, standard pots have a rim equal to the diameter.


Typical Sizes

Alazlea pots traditionally come in 4-, 6-, 8- and 20-inch (in height) sizes. The smaller the pot, the smaller the azalea will grow. Of course the azalea needs to be pruned in order to keep it healthy and at a size manageable for the pot. The best size is the one that fits the needs of the gardener's space.


Outdoor Planting

If azaleas are planted outdoors with no pot, they need around 12 inches of depth of soil in their bed. Azaleas do not need direct sunlight and are often used as ground cover around trees.



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