Alternatives to Pita Bread

Pita bread is a type of flat bread. Use pita bread as a sandwich roll or torn in chunks for dipping. Cut the pocket variety lengthwise, opening a cavity to fill with sandwich meats or vegetables. If you are bored with pita bread and want a more interesting alternative than sliced loaf bread, substitute another variety of flat bread. Find different types of flat bread in your grocery store, bakery or specialty food shops.

Use flat bread as a tasty alternative to sliced bread.


Possibly the closest substitute for pita bread, the Mexican gordita is also a pocket bread. This corn-based bread is warmed on a greased griddle for one to two minutes on each side. Slice the gordita like pita bread and fill with sandwich or taco meats.


Possibly the easiest variety of flat bread to find in a grocery store, the tortilla has already gained popularity in the United States as a substitute for sliced bread. Many sandwich and sub shops offer sandwich wraps made by piling sandwich filling in the center of a tortilla and folding the edge inward to create an enclosed or open-ended pouch. Tear or slice and toast tortillas to use for dipping or spreads.


Naan is a staple of Indian cooking. Though naan is thick and chewy like pita bread, it cannot be sliced to form a pocket. When used with traditional Indian food, tear chunks of naan and use as scoops for lentils and meat dishes. Spread hummus, curry, olive oil or sauces on top of the bread and eat like an open faced sandwich. Spread condiments on the surface, use thinly sliced meat or cheese and roll the bread to create a sandwich.


Another bread of Indian origin, chapati is cooked on a griddle or similar to a pancake but is not sweet bread. Substitute chapatti for naan when if you want to make a sandwich. This bread is thinner and less chewy. Tear or cut chapati for dipping or wrap like a tortilla for sandwiches.


This round, almost loaf-like bread is traditionally seasoned with olive oil, rosemary, garlic or onions before baking. While it is classified as a flat bread, it is at least an inch thick. Slice this bread into pie wedges and divide wedges horizontally for sandwich bread. The spices blend well with sliced chicken breast, salami, cheese or vegetables. Places wedges next to a dish of olive oil for a flavorful and simple appetizer.

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