Freshmen Initiation Ideas

As an initiation ritual, ask a freshman to cater to an upperclassman for a day.

Whether you are entertaining the idea of an initiation for the freshmen on your team, club, or for the class as a whole, there are plenty of safe ideas to choose from. Create an initiation event that is entertaining without offending or physically hurting anyone. The idea of an initiation is to welcome the incoming freshmen into your circle, not to alienate them. Choose activities that are focused on team building or school spirit to convey the best message.

Dress Up Day

Designate a certain day of the week as freshman dress up day. As an initiation, ask the freshmen dress up in generalized funny costumes or set a costume theme. Some themes to consider are 70's day, 80's day, famous groups and duos day, or school spirit day. Award small prizes to the best dressed freshmen, such as coupons to local restaurants. This initiation will give everyone something to giggle about and the prizes will motivate creativity and a desire to participate.

Sing A Song

Select a day of the week or even an entire week in which freshmen must sing a song on command for the upperclassmen. If your school or team has a designated song, use this as it's a good way for the freshmen to learn the song while invoking school spirit. Ask the freshmen to perform before or after school or during lunchtime so that classes aren't disrupted. A similar idea is to ask the freshmen to recite a school cheer that is performed at sporting events.


Ask the freshmen to do 10 sit-ups or push-ups on command. Do this for a day or two, but avoid choosing the same freshmen repeatedly. Try to make it around the class so that the same students aren't getting picked on. Have freshmen perform this ritual before classes, or before or after school. If the individual isn't able to complete the task, thank him for his effort. Don't try to pressure those who are struggling, or are actually injured, into completing the task.

Slave Services

Pair a freshman with an upperclassmen and have her carry books or the upperclassman's backpack for a day. Have her do this either from class to class, or just before and after school. This is also a good time to educate the freshman on what to expect out of school or within the club/team that she may be participating in.