28-Year-Old Woman Birthday Ideas

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With 30 right around the corner, it is not quite as common to make the 28th birthday a huge celebration. But why not, right? It is unexpected and can be a fun time for the birthday girl as well as her guests. You can easily make a fun and exciting party on any budget with a little know-how and planning.


Day at the Spa

Women loved to be pampered, especially on their birthdays. A girls' trip to the spa is a fun and relaxing way to spend a woman's 28th birthday. Spas typically offer packages for multiple services and can range in price from $15 to well over $1,000. This is an appropriate birthday idea for the girl that doesn't like a huge party and enjoys taking care of herself.


Video of the Day

Theme Party

For the girl that loves to be the center of attention and always enjoys a good party, a theme party is the way to go. There are endless amounts of themes, from '50s themes to movie themes such as "Alice in Wonderland" or "Grease." If she has an interest in something special such as scrapbooking or sports, you can use these ideas as themes as well. You can make the party as mature as you see fit, depending on the birthday girl's personality.


Barbecue Party

For the girl with a summer birthday, a barbecue is a great and inexpensive way to throw a party for a large number of guests. You can use a theme for this type of party and carry it through with decorations, such as using cowboy hats for table centerpieces for a Texan barbecue theme. If you are tight on cash, you may want to use simple decorations like colored table cloths and lanterns in the trees to light up the night. Fire pits are always a great and inexpensive way to add lighting and can be used for roasting marshmallows.


Wine and Cheese Pairing Party

For a relaxing and elegant party, consider a wine and cheese pairing party. Purchase three to four different types of wine and cheese. Consider the number of guests you will be having, and factor in that one bottle of wine usually serves five people. You can find out what cheeses pair best with what wines with some simple research. These parties typically last a few hours, so make sure you allow your guests enough time to enjoy the offerings of the party.