Banquet Service Styles

Buffet style is a type of banquet service.

Banquets often occur for wedding receptions, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, sports banquets and work-related events. There are different banquet service styles available to choose for these events. Choosing the specific banquet service style you want is based on the style, ambiance and nature of your event.


The buffet style is appropriate for events that feature large amounts of people. Buffet style is often used at wedding-related events, business-related events and sports banquets. This type of banquet service style presents food on one or more tables separate from the guest tables. The guests will be called from their tables to serve themselves from the various buffet tables. Some buffets have staff serving the food to the guests as they go through the line. The buffet tables can be themed by appetizers, salads, main entrees and desserts. Buffet service style is convenient as it allows guests to choose what they want to eat.


The sit-down style is appropriate for formal events, including weddings. Guests are given a choice of beef, chicken or seafood. The entrees often come with a type of potatoes and vegetables. Salad and rolls are also provided. Dessert comes at the end of the meal, whether it be cake or pie. Staff members bring the meals out to the guests and then clean up after them. This is often an expensive banquet service style option.

Food Stations

Food stations are another banquet service style. These food stations offer different courses from which guests can choose. Food stations can include different meat carving stations, pasta bars, and even appetizer and dessert stations. Food stations are appropriate for weddings, work-related events and sports banquets. Food stations give guests the freedom to choose exactly what they want to eat. It can be a costly choice because you are offering a variety of different types of foods.

Table d'Hote

Table d'Hote is French for "host's table." This service offers platters of food on each table for guests to enjoy. Guests pass the different platters of food around to one another. This type of banquet service is perfect for guest interaction. This banquet service style would be best used for work-related events where interaction is essential.