Bryant Gas Furnace 395CAV: Troubleshooting Guide

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Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems manufactures home comfort products, including the Bryant 395CAV upflow gas furnace. This is an older gas furnace model, no longer in production. You can, however, still purchase replacement parts for the 395CAV from third-party vendors. If you are having problems with your Bryant 395CAV gas furnace, troubleshoot the furnace before you call a service technician. You can often fix common furnace problems yourself.


Heating Issues

If you are not getting enough heat, first make sure your thermostat is turned on and attached to an electrical supply. Make sure that you are not experiencing a power outage, and ensure that the SSU switch is turned on. This switch looks like a standard light switch, but it's on your furnace. Check your circuit breaker and fuses. Appliances or power outages can trip your circuit breaker, and you must reset it. Change any blown fuses.


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Dirty Filters

A decrease in airflow is often caused by dirty or old filters. Poor airflow causes one area of your home to be warmer than other areas. Inspect your filter and clean it when necessary with either a vacuum or warm soapy water. Bryant recommends that you check your furnace filters every three or four weeks. Bryant also recommends that you change your filter before the start of each winter. Your filter is located either in a filter cabinet or in the blower compartment. Always turn off the gas and electrical supplies before trying to change out the filter. Take off the panel door and remove the filter to clean it.



Dirty ductwork can cause decreased airflow. Walk around to all of your vents, and place your hand in front of each of them. If you can't feel any heat coming out of the vent, then your ducts are either dirty or clogged. You can try cleaning the ducts yourself or you can have a ductwork specialist clean them. Also, look for any furniture or objects obstructing your vents and return grilles. The return grilles are usually installed on your walls.


Additional Problems

If you smell gas, you may have a gas leak in your home. Immediately turn off your Bryant 395CAV furnace and all other appliances. Gather your children, pets and other family members and immediately leave your house. From a different, safe location, call your gas supply company or the fire department if you cannot reach your gas supplier. If your furnace has gotten wet, do not try to use it. Instead, call a service technician to determine if your furnace is salvageable.


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