Yule Dinner Menu Ideas

Yule foods can help you celebrate the holiday season.
Yule foods can help you celebrate the holiday season. (Image: Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Originally, a pagan winter festival in Germany, Yule today is a part of the Christian celebration of Christmas. This holiday covers two weeks in late December and early January, and is observed as a cultural festival. As with most celebrations or cultural events, food plays a large part in the Yule celebration. You can enhance the holiday by adding some Yule food items to your menu that pay homage to the significance of the celebration.

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Soup is a poplar appetizer dish for many meals and can work to complement a full Yule menu. You can try a thick tomato soup for your Yule celebration, as this goes well with pork and seafood, which are seen as traditional Yule menus. Cream of tomato soup can be used for vegetarians, and the appetizer can be complemented with a serving of roasted potatoes.

Smoked Mutton

The main dish for your Yule dinner should be selected with an eye toward the traditional. One of the main dishes eaten in the Pagan celebrations of the past, mutton, has made its way to contemporary Yule dinner tables. Your mutton can be made in a smoker for a light or textured flavor, and can be served with sage and onion-roasted potatoes if you saved them for the meal's main course.


Pork is the highlight of many a holiday meal -- especially around the Christmas season -- and the Yule holiday is no different. Also,part of traditional Yule meals, you can smoke your rack of pork or make it in a rib roast. It is versatile with wines and beers, and complements a variety of Yule-related side dishes. Affordable and tasty, a smoked rack of pork adds a filling element to your Yule dinner.

Yule Log Cake

Few celebrations can be complete without a dessert item; the Yule holiday provides the opportunity to celebrate with cake. The origin of the term "Yule log," the Yule log cake, is best made with a strong German chocolate, to celebrate the heritage of the holiday. Highly decorated yule log cakes can serve as the centerpiece to your dinner, and you can enjoy the cake with a thick, German beer or central European wine.


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