Masquerade Ball Party Activities

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When it comes time for Mardi Gras and carnival season or you just want to set up a themed party, whether that be a prom, New Year's Eve or birthday party that is a bit different, consider hosting a masquerade ball. Typically, at a masquerade ball party, guests will dress formally, but of course, you can set any dress code you like when you send out the masquerade party invitations, even making it a costume party. The most important thing is that guests wear a mask. That's the thing that makes it a masquerade!


Make the masquerade ball a special event to remember with stunning centerpieces, candelabras and other party supplies that fit your masquerade theme. Have a photo booth so that your party guests can show off their masquerade masks and attire.

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Just because guests are dressed in formal attire doesn't mean you should avoid party games. Consider one of the many masquerade party ideas and tailor the details to the age group and interests of your guests. You can even have a party favor or prize for the winner of the games.

Murder mystery game

With the face of each guest covered at your masked ball, what better opportunity to play a murder mystery game? This game idea requires plenty of preparation, but it will make the night fun and memorable. Design your masquerade party decorations around the theme of the party and the murder mystery.


Make sure to select a victim who is not among your guests. Once your guests have confirmed their attendance, you can assign characters in the game, ensuring each character has a motive for murder. Throughout the evening, you can offer clues that help guests find the killer.

Scavenger hunt masquerade games

A scavenger hunt is another masquerade ball game idea that can keep your guests engaged throughout the evening. There are several ways you can run this game. You can hide objects around your home and yard. Then, divide your guests into groups and give each guest a clue that leads to the next clue in a series. The group that reaches the final item first wins the game.


Alternatively, give each group a list of objects that you have hidden. The group that finds all of the objects first wins the scavenger hunt.

Another idea is to hide something small, such as beads or sequins, throughout the area. Allow guests to collect the beads throughout the night. At the end of the evening, the guest with the most beads would be named the winner.


Charades masquerade party games

Charades is a fun guessing game that can get your guests moving and interacting with each other. You can purchase a game set to use at the party. Guests will split into teams, and one individual will act out the word on the card while the other team members guess the word. Alternatively, you can make your own charades cards with words that are meaningful to the theme of your party.


Identify the guests

Since everyone attending the party will be wearing masquerade ball masks, you can make an event out of revealing the identity of each of your guests. This will work best for slightly larger parties, as small groups of close friends will likely know each other right away. Allow guests to mingle for a while without revealing their identity. Later on in the party, you can have everyone guess the identity of the other guests.



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