Ideas for 32nd Birthday Parties

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Celebrate a 32nd birthday with a backyard fête.

Someone who is turning 32 is stuck somewhere between the last few years of youth and the intimidating middle age years. However, this is no excuse to shirk throwing him a fantastic 32nd birthday party. Celebrate this time by hosting a sophisticated event with a youthful, playful spin. Create a fabulous party with a variety of themes based on the interests of the guest of honor.


Theme Ideas

A theme can add a sense of purpose or fun to a 32nd birthday party. If you wish, you can focus on the birthday girl's age as a non-traditional theme for the party; now that she is well into her 30s, a "Dirty Thirties" party with a 1930s theme is a fun and festive way to celebrate. Other themes for a 32nd birthday party include a barbeque, fiesta, bowling party or other activity that the guest of honor would appreciate. Remember to take decor cues from the birthday person's favorite sport, hobby or interest; it's always best to make a party personal.


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Location Ideas

Various locales, including an upscale restaurant, outdoor location (such as the beach, a garden or backyard) or even a friend's home, can be used for a 32nd birthday party. If desired, you can even coordinate the location with the event's theme. For example, an upscale restaurant location is ideal for an adults-only event while a friend's backyard is perfect for a casual party where kids are invited. When considering options, be sure to choose a location that is convenient for the guests.


Activity Ideas

Games and activities aren't just for kids' birthday parties; adults enjoy them, too! Activities can be chosen based on the party's theme or interests of the guest of honor. For example, for a "Reflection of Years Past" birthday party, ask guests to bring pictures of the birthday person in various stages of his life; post them on a board and encourage guests to guess at how old he is in each picture. If you are throwing a fiesta, guests can shake maracas every time someone mentions the birthday person's age. Drinking games and gambling activities are activities that can be played at an adults-only parties. Activities are a great way for guests to bond at a 32nd birthday party.


What you feed your guests is a key part of the celebration; ensure that your edibles relate to the party's theme as well. Easy-to-eat appetizers and finger foods such as vegetable platters, stuffed mushrooms and burger sliders are easy to make and appeal to a variety of palates. Consider the party's locale when deciding upon main dishes. For example, for a casual backyard event, a simple barbeque menu is perfect. Keep in mind that if the event is held at a restaurant, a menu isn't necessary. The birthday cake can be as simple or as extravagant as the host wants. A cake decorated with 32 candles or a numbered candle on top is the perfect finishing touch to any 32nd birthday party.



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