What Are Some Good Places to Have a 13th Birthday Party?

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Choose a birthday party location that will allow your teen to enjoy her favorite activities.

The thirteenth birthday is a milestone event. This birthday marks the transition from child to teenager. When planning this party, ask your child which activities he would like to participate in on this special day. Your child can enjoy a party that will be sure to please him and his friends as he celebrates the onset of his teenage years.


Local Movie Theater

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Allow your child to invite his friends to join him for a party at the movies.

If your 13-year-old enjoys the movies, then plan a party at your local theater. Many theaters offer special party rooms and discounted ticket rates for a birthday celebration. Let the birthday boy pick the movie and invite his friends to join him for some Hollywood movie fun.

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Shopping Mall

If your 13-year-old loves to shop, then plan a party at the mall. Guests can meet and eat at the food court, or, if you speak with a mall representative, you might be able to rent a private area for dining. For a fun activity, plan a scavenger hunt at the mall. The kids can take pictures of all the items on their lists to prove that they found the materials, or you can include free items on the list (such as job applications or shopping bags from specific stores).


Pool Party Time

When a party occurs during one of the warmer months, plan a pool party. If you do not have a pool, then contact your local recreation center or sports complex to book a private party. Many organizations will allow private bookings after their general business hours have passed. You can provide the cake, and the kids can create their own fun in the pool.



Arcades are the location for a 13-year-old who loves gaming. They are generally large enough to accommodate a variety of party sizes. You can purchase tokens for your group, and you can also arrange to bring in a birthday cake. Many arcades also offer private party rooms and discounted party packages, depending on the date and time of your event.


Beach Party

A beach party is another event that would work best during the warmer months. If your child's birthday falls in the summer and you live near the coast, then plan a party at the beach. You can bring the food and the sunscreen. Let the kids enjoy playing volleyball or surfing. Also bring a radio so they can spend some time dancing on the beach.



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