Husqvarna Chainsaws Model 45 Information

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The Husqvarna model 45 chainsaw is a mid-range saw intended for homeowner use. This two-cycle gas-powered chainsaw uses a mixed fuel to power the single piston engine. The specifications for this saw should be used during repairs and maintenance to maintain the factory specifications and the highest level of performance.


The Engine

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The single piston moves inside the cylinder and has a size of 44 cm cubed or 2.7 cubic inches. This piston creates a stroke of 32 mm or 1.26 inches, which moves in a bore of 42 mm or 1.62 inches. At a speed of 9,000 rpm's, this engine generates about 2.2 kW of power. The recommended maximum speed for this engine is 12,500 rpm's, and it should idle at 2,500 rpm's. The centrifugally operated clutch uses its centrifugal force to engage the clutch drum and sprocket.

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The Ignition System

The ignition system for this chainsaw was manufactured by the R.E. Phelon Company. The spark plug used for the ignition system is a Champion RCJ 7Y. This spark plug needs a gap of .02 inches or .5 mm. The ignition module connects to the lead wire and the short-circuit or ground wire.


Fuel and Lubrication System

The carburetor on the 45 chainsaw is a Zama C1Q, which uses a butterfly valve and has an integrated fuel pump beside the carburetor. The fuel tank will fill to a capacity of 1.06 pt. or .5 L. The fuel used on this engine is a mixed fuel. You should only use 90-octane regular unleaded fuel mixed with air-cooled two-cycle engine oil at a ratio of 33:1. You should never mix the fuel with automotive oil, outboard two-cycle oil or four-cycle oil. The oil tank has a capacity of .53 pt. or .25 L. On the side of the saw, near the oil tank, the 45 has an adjustable screw that allows you to control the output of bar oil, but the oiling system is automatic.


Chain and Bar Information

The standard recommended bar size for this chainsaw should be 13 inches or 33 cm, but it can also operate with a 14-, 16- and 18-inch bar. The usable cutting length for this saw ranges from 12.6 to 17.5 inches. The chain speed at maximum power is 17.4 meters per second. The recommended chain pitch for this saw is .325 inches with a drive link that's .05 inches thick. The number of teeth on the drive sprocket is 7.



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