What Kind of Wax Do I Buy for My Acrylic Tub?

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Use the correct types of wax and cleaners on your acrylic bathtub.

Durable and not hard to clean, acrylic bathtubs contain a fiberglass backing and are molded from one piece of liquid acrylic material. The tubs come in a variety of colors and styles and are available directly from manufacturers as well as bathroom and home improvement stores. When cleaning and removing scratches from acrylic, it is important to apply wax to the material to restore the acrylic's glossy finish.


Wax Type

After cleaning and drying your acrylic tub, apply a coating of commercial wax designed for acrylic surfaces or a brand of carnauba or beeswax. The wax will coat the acrylic and restore the material's glossy finish, smooth out any sanded or rough areas and keep any water from entering any areas on the tub that may contain microscopic holds.

Buying Wax

Commercial acrylic wax is available at hardware, home improvement and bathroom supply stores as well as online. Carnauba or beeswax is also available at hardware, home improvement and online stores as well as automotive parts supply stores.



You can also apply a glaze designed for acrylic surfaces on your acrylic bathtub to restore its shine and smooth out any rough and problem areas.


Make sure the bathtub is clean and dry then apply the wax with a clean, soft cloth or towel. Let the wax sit for the recommended time on the wax's container or for two hours then buff the bathtub with a clean, soft cloth or towel.


When cleaning your acrylic tub, do not use an abrasive or strong detergent that is not designed for acrylic bathtubs. A mixture of mild liquid dishwashing soap and warm water will clean your bathtub without the worry of scratching the acrylic's finish.


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