List of Foods That Burn Carbohydrates

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Certain foods can boost metabolism and improve weight loss.

Besides a steady exercise regimen, eating right is the key to good health. For those trying to cut down carbohydrates in their diet, certain foods and beverages can expedite the body's metabolic processes. Carb-heavy foods include pastas, grains and bread products. To counter the effect of such foods, elevate the intake of metabolic-friendly edibles.


Spicy Foods

Spicy foods stimulate the body's natural metabolism. Consuming the natural chemicals in spicy edibles will help burn off carbs, fat and calories. Add fresh jalapenos or ground red pepper to your dishes. Pastas, stews and chili are meals that pair well with spicy flavorings. The effect may only last half an hour, but eating spicy things frequently can help sustain the metabolic boost they provide.


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While not technically a food, consuming more water can help burn off fat and calories. Drink eight glasses of water a day to stay hydrated. Moreover, drinking green tea can up your metabolism as well. According to Penn State University, green tea can increase metabolism by 4 percent. It also contains healthful antioxidants. Black coffee has also been shown to improve metabolism.



The body consumes many more calories digesting protein as compared to fat or carbohydrates. This is because protein requires upwards of 25 percent more energy to digest. Replace high-carb food with protein-rich food. Good sources of protein include tofu, nuts, lean beef, poultry, fish and beans.


B Vitamin Supplement

Taking B vitamin supplements can improve metabolism and help burn off extra carbohydrates. Conversely, vitamin B deficiency will slow your metabolism.


Studies have cited numerous benefits of consuming apples, one of which is elevating carb-burning metabolism. Apples are a type of "flavonoid," which besides kick-starting metabolism may also decrease cardiovascular disease and provide the body a healthful boost of antioxidants.


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