Easter Gifts for Godchildren

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A small Easter basket can be filled with personalized items and toys for your godchild.

If you are a child's godfather or godmother and you have an interest in her spiritual upbringing, Easter is an excellent time to get her a gift related to her religion. Consider your goddaughter's age and what her interests are, and speak with her parents about what would be appropriate. If you are in regular contact with your godchild, look around her room and look at the direction her tastes seem to be taking to choose a good gift.


Small Cross Pendent

A small cross pendent is an excellent gift for a boy or a girl. A very small cross in gold is a delicate present that may be worn easily and unobtrusively, while a cross that is a little larger with some detailing is a good choice for dressing up. Look at what jewelry the child might already wear and consider a cross that matches his taste. You can fold the cross up in a piece of paper with a Bible verse on it when you present it.


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Leather-Bound Bible

Even if your godchild has already started Bible study, having a Bible of his own grants him a certain amount of independence. It allows him to look up pertinent passages and to do his own independent study if he wishes. A leather-bound Bible is an excellent choice for older children. Add a lace or leather bookmark so that she can keep her place, and write her name and the date that she received it on the inside cover.


Easter Basket

Choose a small basket and fill it with small treats for your godchild. You might include candy, a small wall hanging with your favorite religious quotation on it or small toys that you have chosen especially for your godchild. After you have filled the basket, wrap it up with cellophane and secure it with a matching ribbon.


Resurrection Plant

A resurrection plant is also known as the rose of Jericho and the siepmre viva. It is a small plant that dries up to look like a miniature tumbleweed when it is dry, allowing it to blow around the North American deserts. When it reaches water, it opens up within a day, turning green with small white flowers. A resurrection plant can go years without water, making an ideal plant for a young child, and it reinforces the resurrection message of Easter for your godchild.



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