Information on the Honda HT-R3009

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The Honda HT-3009's four-stroke engine can power the mower up to speeds approaching five miles per hour.

The HT-R3009 is a riding lawnmower by the Honda Motor Company. Honda originally produced the HT-R3009 in the mid-1980s; the mower is no longer in production. The HT-R3009 is designed primarily for use on flat surfaces and can mow up to 63,000 square feet of lawn per hour at its top speed of 4.9 miles per hour.


Mower Specifications

The Honda HT-R3009 riding lawnmower is 59.1 inches long, 42.1 inches wide, and 39.4 inches tall. The unit weighs 364 pounds in total. The mower's top speed is 4.9 miles per hour in fifth gear, and up to 1.7 miles per hour in reverse.


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Performance Specifications

The Honda HT-R3009 can cut grass at a width of 30 inches per pass. You can modify the blade height to cut a lawn to a height of one inch, one and a half inches, two inches, two and a half inches, three inches, or three and a half inches.


Engine Specifications

A four-stroke, one cylinder overhead valve engine powers the HT-R3009. The engine's bore is three inches and the stroke is 2.3 inches, yielding an overall engine displacement of 16.5 cubic inches. The engine has a 1.2 quart oil capacity and is cooled by a forced air system. The fuel tank can hold up to 0.53 gallons of gasoline.


Operating Conditions

The Honda HT-R3009 mower is designed for use on flat terrain. It may be hazardous to use the HT-R3009 on land that slopes at a grade of 17 percent, or 10 degrees. Doing so may cause the lawnmower to overturn. If you must mow on a sloped surface, you should drive straight up and down the face of the slope.



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