Easy DIY Egg Garland for Kids to Make

This Easter, let the kids decorate the house with this fun and easy egg garland! Your little ones will love getting creative with this craft and they'll really love seeing their artwork hung up for all to see.

Easy Easter egg garland for kids (Image: Kersey Campbell)

What You'll Need

Supplies for Easter egg garland (Image: Egg Garland)

First and foremost, you'll need to download and print our free printable! Print it off, as many as you would like to make your garland. You'll also need scissors, twine and tape.


Decorate your eggs (Image: Egg Garland)

After you print off the eggs, have your kiddos paint, color, or dump glitter on the eggs. This is the fun part, so let them go crazy!

Cut Out The Eggs

Cut out the eggs (Image: Egg Garland)

Grab your trusty scissors and cut out each egg. If your little one is good with scissors, have them do this part too! They'll love it.

Make The Garland

Tape on the twine (Image: Egg Garland)

Turn your eggs over and tape on a long section of twine. Try to tape them all in the same place so they fall evenly once they are hung up.

Hang It Up

Easy Easter egg garland (Image: Kersey Campbell)

That's it! Now just hang it up with some tape and you have a colorful, fun and festive Easter garland!