Mother and Daughter Tea Party Crafts and Games for Younger Girls

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Themed games and crafts will be enjoyable bonding activities for mothers and daughters.
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Tea parties exude elegance and femininity and thus make suitable events for mothers and their daughters. If you're planning a tea party for a group of mothers and their preschool or school-age daughters, activities will be required to keep everyone entertained. Games and crafts should be age-appropriate for younger girls to complete with the assistance of their mothers.


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Food Games

A mother and daughter tea party wouldn't be complete without sweet treats to accompany their tea. Use some of the treats on the menu table for simple games. Have a sugar cube relay. Place two tea cups several feet away from a starting line. Divide mothers and daughters into mothers versus daughters teams and have them line up at the start line. Provide each member of the team with a sugar cube. On the word "go," the first member in each team must run to her team's tea cup, drop her sugar cube in and run back to tag the next team member to continue the same process. The first team to get all its cubes in the teapot first is the winner. For a different game, have a cookie taste test. Blindfold a mother and daughter pair. Place a plate with a cookie in front of each of them. Declare the first person to correctly guess the type of cookie as the winner.


Fashion Crafts

Every mother and daughter pair will dress in elegant attire to fit the dress code for the tea party. Encourage them to create accessories that will complement their formal tea party attire. Mothers can help their daughters create edible bracelets. Set out an assortment of small, holed candy and cereal in separate bowls. The daughters will use the candy and cereal like beads and string them on licorice strings. A mother can wrap the completed bracelet around her daughter's wrist and tie the ends together to secure it. To cool off for a outdoor tea party, have the daughters create paper fans. They can cut paper plates into half circles and paste large craft sticks to the bottom of each half. Let the girls decorate the fans with stickers and markers.


Teacup Games

Teacups can serve as inspiration for a few party games. Party guests can play a modern version of hot potato. Tell the little girls and their mothers to form a large circle on a wide, open space. Give a toy plastic teacup to one of the girls. Play some music and let them pass the teacup around the circle. Players must pretend the teacup is a steaming cup of tea and speedily pass it around the circle. Randomly stop the music. The player holding the cup is eliminated from the game. Continue playing until only one player is left. As an additional game, mismatch assorted colored teacups and saucers for each guests' assigned seat. Before siting down, each person must pick up her cup and go around the table to find the correct matching saucer.


Teapot Crafts

Party guests can use their artistic skills to create tea pots that won't break. Print several teapot templates on card stock and cut them out. Let the girls trace the card stock tea pots on floral paper. Set up an assortment of art supply stations on a table with markers, glitter and stickers. Mothers can assist their daughters with decorating their own paper teapots. For a different variation, the girls can trace a teapot template on a folded piece of floral paper for a teapot card. Mothers can cut out the teapot, leaving the folded bottom. Let each girl write a special note inside for her mother and decorate the outside.