Dinner Ideas With Tater Tots

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Use tater tots in place of potatoes in your recipes.
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Tater tots aren't just for kids -- they make great dinners for the whole family. That crispy potato bite works well in casseroles, burritos and even as a substitute for potatoes. Once you see the possibilities of tater tots you just might find yourself getting as excited as the kids every time you take tater tots out of the freezer.


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A common use for tater tots is in casseroles. These can be used to layer the top of a variety of casseroles for a crunchy potato crust. Create a cheesy casserole using hamburger, onions, cheese and a topping of tater tots. Or, make a hearty hot dish casserole using cream of mushroom soup, corn, green beans, onion and ground beef. Cook the casserole with tater tots as the topper.

Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros is a Mexican breakfast dish that works well for dinners. This combination of black beans, vegetables and eggs is served with pan-fried potatoes. Instead of the potatoes, substitute with tater tots. If you don't want large chunks in the dish, break up the tater tots while pan-frying them with the remaining ingredients.



Burritos are essentially a throw-in-everything meal. Make breakfast burritos with eggs, cheese, bacon and tater tots for dinner. Combine steak and tater tots for a meat and potato burrito. Crisped sausage, veggies and tater tots also works for a twist on the traditional burrito. Or, make a taco using ground beef, spices and adding some crumbled tater tots in the tortilla to finish.

Baked Potato

You don't need a potato to have a loaded baked potato for a side dish. Instead of baked potatoes, bake tater tots. For this recipe you can make your own tater tots using grated potato, flour, sour cream, chives, breadcrumbs and cheese. If you don't have the time, defrost tater tots from the freezer and crumble with the same fillers. Roll into balls and bake in the oven for a new twist on a favorite side dish. Serve with chicken, burgers or even steak.