The Advantages of Aeroponics

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Aeroponics is the process of growing plants or crops with water and air, without typical medians like soil or volcanic rock. The plants are usually housed in troughs, tubes or foam, with the leafy part of the plants separate from the roots. Moreover, the roots are usually fully exposed and constantly sprayed with micro bursts of atomized water. Growers usually treat the roots with a 35 percent hydrogen peroxide solution to kill bacteria and fungus, according to experts at Advanced Nutrients.


More Oxygen

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One of the primarily benefits of using aeroponics is that the plants receive more oxygen, according to The exposed roots quickly absorb oxygen from the air, much faster than roots that are embedded in soil. Aeroponic plants and crops also tend to grow faster than those planted in soil, resulting in quicker harvests. One reason for the quicker growth is that more oxygen allows for the faster absorption of essential nutrients. Plants and crops, like humans, need certain nutrients to grow, especially nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

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Humidity Remains Inside

Another condition for plant and crop growth is humidity. Those who use aeroponics can ensure nearly 100 percent humidity for their plants and crops. The water and air mixture helps create the humid environment, coupled with the absence of the sun. Aeroponic growers keep their plants and crops shaded from the sun. This can help prevent waste, especially for farmers or individual crop growers. Aeroponics tends to be expensive. Most farmers use this method for only their most valuable crops.


Safe and Ecologically Friendly

Aeroponics is a safe and ecologically friendly way to grow plants and crops. In 2011, soil can easily be contaminated by industrial waste and hazardous chemicals. These conditions tend to rob soil of many nutrients. Consequently, the growth of crops and plants may be stunted or completely stymied. Many organic farmers use the aeroponic growth method to prevent their crops from being contaminated with environmental toxins.


Easy to Clean

Farmers and homeowners can easily clean plants and crops that are grown through aeroponic methods. There is no dirt or debris to clean from the roots, which can be a relatively lengthy process. Moreover, hydroponic plants are not usually treated with pesticides or other harmful substances. Thus, growers and buyers do not have to worry about removing these pernicious elements.



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