Shower Pull Cord is Broken

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Leaving the pull cord in the “On” position prolongs its lifespan.
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While the pull cord may need to be replaced, there are some repairs that fix an existing cord, depending on its problem. So, don't pull on the cord in haste and cause additional damage. Learn whether it can be salvaged.


General Information

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A shower pull cord is typically found outside the shower connected to an electrical switch. When pulled, the switch supplies water to the shower. In most cases, leave the switch "On" and use the shower's faucet to turn water on and off without having to constantly pull the cord, which causes it to wear faster.

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Pull Cord Snaps in Two

A pull cord that snapped in two separate pieces may be repairable, since pull cords normally come in two sections. A plastic connector usually joins the two sections. If the cord's lower portion breaks off, obtain a replacement cord from an electric shower retailer. Use a pair of sharp scissors and cut the cord to the right length, allowing a few extra inches for a knot. Tie the two cords together forming a knot. Sliding the finial that came with the cord replacement over the knot conceals it.


Pull Cord Breaks at the Switch

If you've snapped the cord from the switch so that there's no longer even a small piece of the cord attached to it, the cord cannot be repaired. You must remove it and install a new one. Contact a qualified electrician to replace the cord for you if you're uncertain how it's done.


Faulty Electrical Switch

If you pull on the pull cord, but the shower doesn't come on, check the circuit box and see if the circuit breaker is in the "On" position. Reset it if needed. A power outage might have tripped the breaker. If resetting the breaker doesn't address the problem, the switch rather than the pull cord, might be defective. Contact a certified electrician to inspect the switch, and repair any problems he finds if you're uncertain how to do it.



Shower pull cords generally last about 10 years, according to the DIYData website. Additionally, since manufacturers are constantly modifying pull cords making them more efficient, it may make sense to upgrade a broken cord that's older than 10 years. The size of cord units and showers can vary in time, which adds to the replacement's expense.



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