My Cut Christmas Tree Is Budding New Growth

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Regular watering will keep your tree green longer.
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Though not common, it is possible for your cut, natural Christmas tree to experience some new growth even though it is sitting in your home and is no longer connected to its root system. New growth on cut Christmas trees typically takes the form of occasional buds and even small branches.


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Though it may not be overly noticeable, you can look for new growth on your Christmas tree by carefully examining its branches for buds. Your tree is unlikely to grow an entire new branch, but several round buds may develop in the days following the cutting of the tree. To gauge the growth of the tree, continue to monitor these buds as the tree sits in your home throughout the month of December.


To keep your cut Christmas tree as healthy for as long as possible, water it daily. Regular watering will keep the tree's needles green and keep the tree from drying out. Depending on the tree, regular watering may also lead to new growth of buds, especially if the buds were nearly sprouted at the time the tree was cut. Christmas tree stands have a receptacle that holds the stump of the tree; fill it with water daily to keep the tree hydrated.



It might be possible that you do not like the look of new growth on your Christmas tree, as the tree will no longer have the exact appearance as when you picked it out. To remove the growth, take garden pruning shears and trim the new buds off the tree. The time needed for this process is dependent on the size of the tree and the amount of new growth, but removing the buds will allow you to give your tree the look you desire.


To keep your tree healthy for as long as possible, add a minute amount of bleach to the water. Adding bleach to the water will prevent bacteria from growing in the water and causing the tree to age quickly. Mix 2 tablespoons of bleach with 1 gallon of water and add the water in increments daily. Avoid adding too much bleach, as it will cause damage to the tree.


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