Tips on Hiding Flower Stems in Clear Vases

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Flower stems can detract from your arrangement in a clear vase.

Ugly stems can take away from the beauty of a vase of fresh flowers. You can use a solid vase or creatively disguise the flower stems by adding to the clear vase. No matter what design or disguise you choose for the stems of your flowers in clear vases, first strip the stems of any leaves or thorns to clean them.


Add Texture to the Vase

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Instead of covering up the stems, decorate them with pebbles, marbles or beach glass. If you have very colorful flowers, complement them with smooth black river rock or clear glass marbles. If your flowers are plain and could use some dressing up, put beach glass in the bottom of the vase. To use, fill the clear vase with the pebbles, marbles or beach glass, place flowers in the vase and add water. Decorating with pebbles, marbles or stone is also a good way to hold a few stems up in a vase that is too large.

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Wire Accents

Twist medium-gage colored wire that complements your floral arrangement into spirals that wrap loosely around the stems or near the stems. Cut lengths of wire at least twice the length of the vase and create loose curls with the wire, wrapping around your fingers or a tube of wrapping paper. This adds a fun distraction to the stems in your clear vase.


Aspidistra Leaves

With a sharp knife, trim the stem off of an aspidistra leaf and shave down the center vein to create more flexibility. Then curl the leaf around so its circumference is slightly smaller than the opening of the vase and slide the curled leaf into the vase. Put your flowers in the vase and fill with water.



Cut thin slices of lemons or limes and line the sides of the vase with the slices. Add the flowers and fill with water to completely hide the stems and create a new display for your flower arrangement.



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