Grown-Up Indoor Party Games

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It can be tricky coming up with indoor party games for adults too old for pin the tail on the donkey, while remaining silly enough to be fun. Since board games don't always work for larger groups, it is good to have a stockpile of grown-up party game ideas. Whether you want to use the game as an icebreaker for your guests, or as entertainment for an established group of friends, there are a variety of options that will make your party fun.


The Name Game

Separate the party into two groups and hand everyone three slips of paper. Each person must write down the names of three people, fictional or real. Each slip of paper is folded and placed in a common bowl. For the first round, each team is allowed to choose someone to select names out of the bowl. For one minute they may give any clue they want about the name they selected (with the exception of "rhymes with..."). Each name they go through in one minute represents a point. If the team cannot guess the name, the other team is allowed to make a guess. Continue giving each team turns until the names are gone. For round two, all the previous names are returned to the bowl. The selected reader is only allowed to give a clue of three words this time while the team guesses. The same rules apply as in the first round and round two ends when all the names are gone once again. Round three has the same rules except the reader is only allowed to act out the names they have selected. Whichever team tallies the most points from all three rounds wins.


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Two Truths and a Lie

Find out how well you know your friends with Two Truths and a Lie. The entire party sits in a circle and each person is given paper and a pencil. Everyone must write down two things about themselves that are true and one thing that is a lie. As each person shares their lists with the group, individuals write down which one is the lie. Once everyone has voted, the individual reveals the correct answer. The person who identifies the most lies wins.


I Never...

Each person holds up all ten fingers. Everyone must take a turn telling the group something they have never done, i.e. "I have never eaten sushi." If it is something you HAVE done, you must put one of your fingers down. Whoever has their fingers up the last wins the game.


Classic Couples

Create enough classic pairings to match the number of people in the party. Your pairings can include people such as Adam and Eve, or things such as peanut butter and jelly. Write these on cards that you tape to each person's back, without letting them see. Each 'couple' must try to find each other by asking the other guests clues about their character. One point is given for every wrong guess and is recorded on their card. The person with the fewest points wins.



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