Dinner Party Games for Married Couples

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Amuse the guests at a dinner party by playing games when dinner is over.

A dinner party is a pleasant way to spend time with a group of friends. You can relax and catch up with one another in a comfortable setting while enjoying a delicious dinner. You can even choose to play games. If the dinner party comprises married couples, there are many games that will add laughter and amusement.


Know Your Partner Game

Play a variation of the newlywed game. Ask the men to leave the room and write a list of questions to ask the couples, such as "Where did you go on your first date?" Ask each woman to answer what she believes her spouse would say and write the answers on paper. Now ask the men back into the room and ask them the same question. The couple who answers the most questions correctly wins a prize.


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Dress-Up Relay Race

A relay race is a fun way for the couples to interact. Place extra large clothing items into a laundry basket. Use items such as dresses, scarves, hats, socks, pantyhose and shirts. Make sure the clothing is large enough for both the men and the women. Line each couple on one side of the room and place the basket on the other side of the room. Use a stopwatch to time the couples. Each couple must take turns and run to the basket. They must dress in three pieces of clothing and run back to the start line. They must then run back to the basket and remove the clothes as quickly as possible. The fastest couple wins a prize.


Musical Chairs

Musical chairs is a simple way to bring a little levity into the evening. Arrange a group of chairs in a circle. If there are 9 guests, place 8 chairs in the circle. One person will be in charge of the music. When the guests are ready, turn the music on. The couples must walk around the chairs until the music stops. Once the music stops, each person must quickly grab a chair. The person left standing is out. Continue the game by removing one chair and starting the music again. The last person with a seat is the winner.


Drinking Game with a Twist

Play a drinking game. Make one frozen daiquiri for each couple. Place it in a small cup. Ask each woman to blindfold her husband and tell the men to stand in a line on one side of the room. Each woman must take a spoonful of the drink. She must then walk over to her husband with the handle of the spoon in her mouth. Each women must then feed her husband the drink without spilling or using her hands. She must return for another spoonful and continue feeding her husband until the cup is empty. The first couple who finishes wins a prize.



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