Can You Use Chlorine Bleach on Terrazzo Floors?

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When cleaning your terrazzo flooring, do not use chlorine bleach, acid, ammonia, vinegar or any abrasive cleaner to remove dirt, dust or debris from the flooring. Chlorine bleach will discolor the terrazzo and remove its shine. Terrazzo flooring is porous and bleach can also absorb into the flooring's cement and rock mixture. Once bleach is in your flooring, it begins to break down and damage the mixture.



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Use a commercial terrazzo floor cleaner or solution and a soft mop to clean the floor in your home or business instead of a bleach-based cleaner. Dilute the cleaner or solution according to the directions and recommendations on the substance's container. Avoid using cleaners that contain alkaline products such as baking soda, ammonia and acids. Also, avoid using all-purpose household cleaners, detergents, soaps and wax removers on your terrazzo flooring. These substances will damage your terrazzo flooring and remove any shine that may be present on the flooring.

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Do not use bathroom, grout and tub cleaners on your terrazzo flooring. These cleaners contain alkaline substances that can discolor and damage the flooring. Also, avoid using scouring powders, dry/soft cleaners and solutions containing crystallizing salts -- these cleaners can scratch the flooring as well as penetrate into the flooring's cement and rock mixture.


Cleaning Spills

When spills occur, wipe them up immediately using a nonabrasive cloth or rag. Do not let the spill dry on your terrazzo flooring -- this will cause stains to form on the flooring. Sweep your terrazzo flooring regularly with a soft-bristle broom to remove any loose dust and dirt.



If your terrazzo flooring is new and doesn't contain a shine or the flooring is old and the shine is fading, purchase a penetrating sealant designed for terrazzo and use a paint roller to apply the sealant. Follow all directions and recommendations on the sealant's container. Penetrating sealants as well as commercial terrazzo floor cleaner/solution, mops and brooms are available at your area hardware or home improvement store.


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