What to Bring to a Bonfire

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Bonfires are often sites of socialization for friends and family members.

A bonfire is typically a gathering of friends who relax and socialize around the warmth of a fire. The necessary supplies depend on the occasion and the setting; however, a few essentials are likely necessary, regardless of whose bonfire you attend. Bring items that ensure your comfortable enjoyment of the festivities.


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Although seating may already be established around the perimeter of the bonfire or fire pit; unless you want to chance having to relax on the hard ground, bring your own seating option. A folding or collapsible chair, such as the kind used at the beach or at sporting events, is preferable. A more creative option with a dual purpose is to bring a large cooler to house your bonfire beverages and double as bench-style seating.



Since bonfires are outdoors, take some steps to ensure you are as comfortable as possible, to enhance your enjoyment of the bonfire itself. Keep bug spray on-hand, as you will spend many hours outdoors. To further shield yourself from insects and combat the crisp night air, bring a long-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt with you as well. If you get cold easily, bring a blanket to snuggle under as you watch the fire.



Eating and drinking go hand-in-hand when socializing at bonfires. Capitalize on the basic, but effective means of cooking in front of you, by bringing foods that easily cook over open flame. This often means hot dogs and small cuts of meat and veggies that can be placed on a skewer. Bring the skewers themselves with you so you do not run the risk of having to track down a sharp and sturdy branch to cook with. Marshmallows, along with the S'more ingredients, chocolate bars and graham crackers, are also bonfire staples. Bring plenty of water to stay hydrated, and any adult beverage you wish, to wash down the fire-cooked food.



Check with your host to see if he wants you to bring anything for the bonfire. Bring dry, untreated wood to ensure the bonfire lasts well into the night. The host will likely appreciate not having to empty his stockpile of firewood for the occasion. Help the environment, as well as the bonfire,by bringing any old newspapers you have lying around, instead of throwing them away. Extra matches and a lighter are also useful during a bonfire event. In contrast; bring something to help extinguish the fire, such as a fire extinguisher, for safety reasons.



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