What Is the Dilution Rate for Weedmaster Herbicide?

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Weedmaster herbicide, a product of the agricultural products division of BASF, kills annual and biennial weeds in grasses and some farm crops. The chemical combines dicamba with 2-4-D to make up about 52 percent of the product. The remaining 48 percent are inert ingredients. Dilute the concentrated chemical with water for application.


Spot Spraying

Mix weedmaster at a rate of 1 oz. per gallon for spot sprayer applications. This type of application includes backpack or knapsack sprayers as well as hand-pumped hand sprayers. One oz. of Weedmaster equals 2 tbsp. of the concentrated liquid.


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Commercial Farm Application

Commercial farm chemical application rates are commonly stated in pints per acre sprayed. This recognizes that the spray equipment differs in the amount of liquid it dispenses on each acre covered. For example, if you are spraying perennial smartweed at a rate of 4 pints per acre with a sprayer that applies 20 gallons of liquid per acre, dilute the Weedmaster by a rate of one pint per 5 gallons of water. The applicator needs to know the types of weeds he is spraying and the application rate of the spraying equipment.


Crop Limitations

Damage to some crops is possible if too much Weedmaster is applied. For example, wheat crops should not be sprayed with more than 2 pints of Weedmaster in any one application and no more than 3.3 pints during a summer growing season. Sugarcane tolerates up to 6 pints in any one application and 16 pints during a growing season.


Pure Weedmaster

Use undiluted Weedmaster to kill unwanted trees. Apply the concentrate directly to cut surfaces of the tree stump or make a girdle cut around the trunk to remove the bark, and then apply the chemical. Apply the Weedmaster within 6 hours of the cut for optimum results.