What Is Fiberfill Stuffing?

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Many pillows are stuffed with fiberfill.

Fiberfill stuffing is fiber that has been combed and fluffed to form a soft ball, kind of like a ball of cotton. It is usually made from polyester and other recycled materials. Fiberfill stuffing is inexpensive to make, and its insulating and filler properties make it ideal for different projects and purposes.


Fiberfill stuffing is normally made from polyester, a synthetic fiber that is very cheap and easy to recycle. Polyethyline terephthalate (PET) -- which is used in plastic products such as bottles -- is melted and then processed with other fibers, such as cotton, linen and wool, to create a fluff-like material known as fiberfill stuffing. Fiberfill stuffing is resistant to microorganism, moths, mildew, carpet beetle and other pests, making it ideal for use stuffing pillows and other items.


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Fiberfill stuffing is made from a process known as garnetting. A garnet machine takes fibers and combs them into a batt form. The machine then folds and chops fibers to make strands short, but clumped together. The garnetting process causes fiberfill to mat and bunch since fibers are made to run in the same direction. However, these kinks are later smoothed out and detangled before packaging.


Craft Projects

Fiberfill stuffing is a product that is commonly used for different arts and craft projects, such as stuffing dolls and stuffed animals. It is also used to pad blankets or quilts. Although its main purpose is to stuff items, fiberfill stuffing is also used to decorate or embellish other craft projects. It can be arranged in clumps to resemble snow, stretched to resemble a spider web, or pulled to resemble human hair.


Clothing and Garments

Because of its resistance to solvents and its low thermal conductivity, fiberfill stuffing is often used as insulation for clothing garments. For instance, jackets and coats use fiberfill stuffing to provide warmth. The product is light so it does not weigh down garments, even while it provides a lot of insulation. Fiberfill stuffing can be washed without its form distorting, and it does not trigger allergies.


Industrial Insulation

Fiberfill stuffing is also used for filler and industrial insulation. For industrial insulation, the fiberfill is coiled into springs that provide a thick, soft padding that is resilient to force or puncture. Large strips of coiled fiberfill are placed under roofs and floors and behind walls to insulate homes and buildings.



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