Easy Stained Glass Window Designs & Patterns

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Stained-glass windows make beautiful pieces of art in any home.

Stained-glass windows are beautiful pieces of artwork, however simple or intricate. Many churches and older buildings installed the heavy colored glass and lead that created the designs we see today. Installing stained glass in that traditional way is very expensive, but, thankfully, new art and craft products are now available to help create stained-glass artwork and install it into any window. With practice, you can make simple stained glass designs for your very own home.


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With glass, the less you have to cut the better. Intricate designs require small and oddly shaped glass to be cut, which leads to a greater chance of breaking the entire piece of glass and having to start over. Simple shapes, such as squares and circles, do not require any fine cutting, unlike animal or people shapes, and the forms, in which the glass is set, are easy to make. Stained glass is available in multiple shades of colors. A simple grouping of large and small squares in various shades of blue is fitting for a bathroom. White circles embedded in gray, large, square shapes make fine pieces for windows in a front door.



Daisies and sunflowers are some of the easiest flowers to make for a stained glass window. They only require a round circle for a center and petals to surround it. To make the pattern faster, make one petal then use it as a stencil to cut all the others. The flower pattern is simple to cut, but your color choices are endless, giving you an opportunity to create a design that may be plain, but the colors will shine and bring the whole piece together.


Plaid is nothing more than rows and columns of differently sized squares, divided by thin lines. The square glass pieces are easy to cut, and the form is easily assembled. With basic patterns, color becomes very important, because it is what will make the final piece interesting or not. Instead of using plain reds or greens, use iridescent shades and opals to bring out the pattern. They contain transparent swirls of color that will turn the plaid pattern into a truly outstanding piece of art.



When something is described as abstract, it means that it does not depict a familiar object. Stained-glass is an appropriate means of expressing abstract art, since it does not require a recognizable pattern, object or design. You can freely place colors and shapes in any position. This is also an opportunity for you to use any odd-shaped or extra pieces of glass you have not already used.


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