How to Make a Beer Bottle Night Light

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Things You'll Need

  • 1 empty beer bottle

  • String of LED lights or Christmas lights

  • Decorative pebbles

  • 1 foot of ribbon

  • Scissors

Different types of bottles capture light in different ways.

Living a green lifestyle means reusing items in new and creative ways. You can recycle an old beer bottle into a one-of-a-kind night light in a few simple steps. These beer bottle lamps make great decorations in themed areas such as bars, kitchens or game rooms. Beer bottle night lights make fun gifts for young bachelors and anyone who enjoys a nice cold brew.


Step 1

Thoroughly wash an empty beer bottle and remove the label. Let dry.

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Step 2

Pour a half-inch layer of pebbles into the bottom of the beer bottle. This will weigh down the bottle.

Step 3

Colored lights make interesting night lights. Source: Unlisted Sightings

Insert the string of lights into the top of the bottle, leaving the plug outside. Fit in enough lights to make the bottle glow, but not so many that it overheats.


Step 4

Tie ribbon into a bow at the top of the bottle to conceal where the lights enter and exit the beer bottle.

Step 5

Plug lights into an outlet and place beer bottle night light in desired spot.


These same steps apply to turning other glass bottles into interesting lamps. Try wine bottles, liquor bottles, or even mason jars for different effects.

Beer bottles come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Hold an empty bottle up to a bright light to test how well light shines through. Experiment to see which type you like best.

Strings of lights come in various colors. Experiment to see which colors you prefer for your beer bottle light.

Bottle labels can be tricky to remove. Soaking the bottle overnight in warm, soapy water will help dissolve the glue and paper. Wiping the bottle with a paper towel and WD-40 also helps dissolve remaining glue. Be sure to thoroughly remove cleaning solutions from the bottle before turning it into a light, to avoid fire hazards.


Beer bottle night lights should never be left on and unattended for very long. Like all lamps, they can be fire hazards if not carefully monitored. Keep beer bottle night lights unplugged during the day, or set a timer.

Do not put high-watt bulbs into the beer bottle light. This will create a fire hazard.

The small size of the beer bottle lamp will make the string of lights heat up very quickly. LED lights are the safest to use, but traditional Christmas lights can also be used as long as they are not packed too densely into the bottle and will not give off excessive heat.


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