Disadvantages of a Botanic Garden

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A botanic garden is a garden, consisting of a variety of plants from different parts of the world. Each plant has a plaque beside it that gives the plants botanical name, its country of origin and its rarity. Having a wide variety of plants in one place is appealing, but this type of garden can be costly and upkeep of the garden can become a full-time job.



Botanic gardens require more energy for the electrical equipment needed, than normal house gardens. Botanic gardens bring plants from different areas of the world together. Maintaining the flowers at optimal health in a neutral environment will take more than simple gardening. Special equipment is used to neutralize the soil for the different species and give the plants their required nutrients.


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Garden Cost

The major disadvantage to a botanical garden is the cost. Botanic gardens, as opposed to regular house gardens, need to be watered through an irrigation system, to ensure the plants are at optimal health. Special equipment is needed for the upkeep. The set-up cost for these gardens is also expensive. Most of the time, a floral decorator is called in to design the garden. Botanic gardens usually have groups of different plants from the same species in one area. Having different exotic flowers and plants are also costly. The garden requires daily upkeep.


Garden Health

The plants within the botanic garden share the same soil and are housed in close proximity of each other. This leads to increased chances of the plants spreading disease. Plants do get diseases and all the plants at the botanic garden will be sharing the same nutrient supply and the same soil. The spread of disease is magnified by this. Also, because the plants are usually from different areas of the world, a disease that one plant might have adapted to, can potentially destroy the other plants.


Plant Knowledge

Keeping a botanic garden requires intermediate to advanced knowledge of horticulture and plants. This garden brings together a wide variety of species, but these species cannot adapt to the neutral environment of the botanic garden without support. Knowing what type of soil to use for each plant, knowing which plants and flowers to plant together and how to keep the plants healthy requires a high degree of knowledge and expertise.


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