Do You Need to Refrigerate Almond Butter?

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Organic almond butter should be refrigerated.

Whether you need to refrigerate almond butter depends on which brand you buy. Some butters don't require it, but if the almond butter is organic and was made without stabilizers or preservatives, refrigeration is recommended. People who prefer not to refrigerate almond butter should follow certain guidelines to keep it fresh.



Secure kitchen cabinet storage for items that need to be kept in a cool, dry place
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Keep the almond butter jar stored with its lid securely fastened in a cool, dry place, like a pantry or a kitchen cabinet away from the stove. Don't leave almond butter on the counter in the sun; the heat may cause it to spoil.


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Almond butter spread
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Most almond butter can be eaten beyond the "use by" date on the package, but make sure that it's still edible before serving. Discard the almond butter if it gives off a strange odor or if mold has appeared. Some oil separation in almond butter is normal, but if it seems to liquefying, throw it away.



Use a clean knife and fork to scoop butter from the jar
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Non-refrigerated almond butter will last longer if it's not contaminated. Use clean, dry utensils to scoop butter from the jar, clean utensils between each scoop so crumbs from other foods aren't transferred to the jar and do not stick your fingers into the butter.


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