How to Glue Cork to Cork

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Things You'll Need

  • Cork

  • Hot glue gun

Glue wine corks together for a craft project.

Whether you're using a collection of old wine corks to create a cork board, a cork wreath or any other project in which cork is the central element, securing the corks so that they are stay attached to one another is a rather simple task. All you need is a hot glue gun, the surface on which you want to secure the corks to and of course, the corks themselves.


Step 1

Heat up the hot glue gun approximately five minutes before you plan on beginning your project. This will allow the glue inside the gun enough time to melt, making it easier to use.

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Step 2

Apply hot glue along the surface of the cork you wish to adhere to another piece of cork. For example, if you wish to adhere the end of the cork to another piece of cork, apply hot glue to the end of the cork you wish to affix to another piece of cork.

Step 3

Immediately press an unglued piece of cork onto the portion of the piece of cork you applied glue to. Hold the two pieces of cork together for a few seconds to create a bond between the material and the glue.

Step 4

Continue gluing the pieces of cork together in this manner, applying hot glue to one piece of cork and pressing another piece of cork onto the glued surface.


Always use caution when using hot glue guns to avoid burns. Keep hot glue guns out of reach of young children.


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