How to Reset a Steel-Line Garage Door Motor

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Reset your Steel-Line/Boss opener if you experience a power interruption.

Steel-Line is an Australian garage door manufacturing and installation company based in Darra, Queensland; its electric openers are made by Boss, a division of the Steel-Line. You might want to reset the opener if you experience problems with the motor as a result of a power interruption or other fault. In some cases it's possible to fix the unit without opening a toolbox or calling a technician by following the reset procedure.


Step 1

Locate the outlet supplying the garage door motor with electricity.

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Step 2

Unplug the opener and wait five minutes for the motor to cool down.

Step 3

Re-connect the power; the motor will reset when the power is restored.

Step 4

Try operating the unit as normal; the reset may have resolved minor software problems.

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