How to Start a Tomboy Stitch

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Things You'll Need

  • Tomboy knitter or French knitter

  • Yarn

The tomboy stitch creates a simple knitted pattern.
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French knitting is a knitting style that uses a spool with spokes and one special hook for maneuvering the yarn. Depending on your geographic location, you might also call this knitting style the "tomboy stitch." This knitting technique is ideal for children due to the simple winding and looping process that creates the woven pattern. Starting the tomboy stitch may take practice, but the process is repetitive enough to enable almost anyone to master it.


Step 1

Hold the tomboy knitter in your hand so the spokes of the knitter point toward the ceiling. Turn the knitter so that one of the spokes is directly in front of you.

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Step 2

Wrap the end of the yarn around the spoke facing you. Tie a double knot around the spoke, leaving a 2- or 3-inch tail of yarn at the end. Wrap the the body of the yarn around the first spoke counter-clockwise, laying this second wrap just above and next to the first loop you created when you tied the knot.

Step 3

Move counter-clockwise to the next spoke and wrap the yarn around the next spoke counter-clockwise twice, laying the second loop over top the first loop. Continue around the knitter going counter-clockwise to each new spoke and wrapping twice, until you reach the beginning spoke again.


Practice with a thick yarn with a smooth texture when starting to learn to knit on a knitter.


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