How to Thread an Old Westing House Sewing Machine

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Things You'll Need

  • Spool of thread

  • Threaded bobbin

Old vintage sewing machines are widely available because they still work even after generations of use. If you have a vintage Westinghouse sewing machine, you may not know how to thread it, but once you have the knack, it only takes a few minutes to thread. Use only the original bobbin and bobbin shuttle when working with the machine. Bobbins from other machines are unlikely to work. Westinghouse made several types of machines that are still found today, so the exact method will vary slightly. Examine your machine carefully to understand the different parts and how they work.


Step 1

Set your spool of thread on the spool pin so the thread comes out from the back of the spool. The spool pin is an upright pin near the hand wheel.

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Step 2

Pull the thread down over the thread guides. The thread will go up and down, as if you are writing an "N" backwards and at an angle.

Step 3

Find a hook at each point in the "N" to catch the thread. Sometimes the thread is threaded through a ring instead of over a hook. At the bottom of the N, find the hook near the needle and hook the thread through this.

Step 4

Insert the thread into the hole in the needle from left to right -- or front to back depending on which way the needle is facing -- and pull it through.


Step 5

Insert the bobbin in to the bobbin shuttle with the thread coming over the top. Pull the end of the thread out of the narrow slot. Pull the thread towards the pointed end of the shuttle. Hold the bobbin while it is inside so it doesn't turn and pull the string towards the wide end of the shuttle, so it goes under the spring and comes out on the right side.


Step 6

Open the metal plate at the bottom of the machine by lifting it up. Slide the bobbin shuttle into place with the thread pointing up and tuck the thread loosely into the machine behind the shuttle. Replace the metal place.

Step 7

Turn the hand wheel slowly towards you to drop the needle down into the machine and back out. This draws the bobbin's thread up. Line the two threads together neatly, so they don't knot, and sew as usual.


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