How to Close Gaps Under a Fence

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Things You'll Need

  • Chicken wire

  • Wire cutter

  • Large stones or bricks

  • Shovel and spade

  • Shrubs

Closing gaps under a fence is important to stop animals from escaping.

Gaps under a fence can be a nuisance because your pets can escape and unwanted pests can enter. Gaps can be created by overgrown plants or by animals that dig under your fence. You can either patch the holes regularly or find a permanent solution to stop the gap from reappearing. You can fill a gap by using additional metal or wood fencing at the bottom of your existing fence.


Step 1

Dig a trench underneath the fence along the length of the gap you want to close. Use a spade and a shovel to dig the trench.

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Step 2

Fill up the trench with large stones and bricks. Cover the stones with the soil you have removed from the trench.

Step 3

Attach chicken wire that is twice as wide as the gap to the bottom of the fence. Fold it in half and join the other end back onto the fence.

Step 4

Put some additional rocks onto the chicken wire to make it stay firmly in place. Hide the rocks with the remaining soil.


Step 5

Put chain-link fencing onto the ground near the fence. Attach the end of the chain link to the existing fence. This will prevent animals from reopening the gap.


Plant a few thorny shrubs near the fence.


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