How to Blend Paint to Make the Color Teal

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Things You'll Need

  • White base paint

  • Paint palette

  • 3 parts cyan blue paint

  • Mixing spatula

  • 1 1/2 parts cadmium yellow paint

  • 1/2 part black paint

When it comes to painting, there are a variety of different paint colors you can choose from -- sometimes there are too many choices. One of the best ways to get the perfect shade of paint that you're looking for is to make it yourself. Although you may be able to find a shade of teal that looks similar to what you want, creating the teal with primary colors is a much better way to get the exact teal you want.


Step 1

Squirt a tiny drop of white base paint on your paint palette.

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Step 2

Add three parts cyan blue paint to the paint palette -- just next to the white paint.


Step 3

Combine the white and the blue paints, gradually, using your mixing spatula.


Step 4

Add 1 1/2 parts of cadmium yellow paint to your palette -- again, next to the mixed blue and white. Slowly, work the yellow into the blue color with your paint spatula. Once mixed thoroughly, you'll have a bright teal color.


Step 5

Deepen and adjust the teal by squirting 1/2 part black paint to your palette next to the teal color. Work the black into the teal paint color gradually to darken the teal just a bit.


To highlight the teal color, add another 1/4 part white base paint. To make the teal more blue, add another 1/4 part blue paint. And to make the teal more green, add another 1/2 part yellow paint.


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