How to Color Macaroni Beads Without Alcohol

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Stringing beads into a necklace is a fun activity for preschoolers or older children. Make your own beads out of different pasta shapes and color them with food coloring. One drawback to some pasta dying recipes is the use of rubbing alcohol, which is not safe for little kids to handle or put in their mouths. Instead, vibrantly color the pasta using food coloring and vinegar.


Things You'll Need

  • Airtight container or seal top bags

  • Pasta

  • Vinegar

  • Tablespoon

  • Food coloring

  • Paper towels or newspaper

  • Yarn or string

Step 1

Put the pasta into airtight containers or seal top bags. Use a different container for each color or type of pasta you are using.

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Step 2

Add 3 tbsp. or 4 tbsp. of vinegar to each container. The more pasta you have in the container, the more vinegar you need.

Step 3

Add several drops of food coloring. The amount you need depends on how vibrant you want the color.

Step 4

Close the container and shake it several times until the color is evenly distributed over the pasta.


Step 5

Put several layers of paper towels on the table and pour the pasta on top. Allow the pasta to dry for several hours, or overnight. Once dry, string the pasta on to yarn or string.


Use the colored pasta to make art mosaics instead of necklaces.