How to Flatten a Rolling Hem of a Sweater

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Stockinette sweaters tend to roll up at the hem if they don't have a different border.

The hems of certain types of sweaters seem to roll up if you do not wash and dry them properly. This is annoying and embarrassing throughout the day because you can't make the hem stay down by smoothing it with your hands once it rolls up. Using methods to flatten the hem ensures that you won't have to deal with this frustrating problem when you want to look your best.


Things You'll Need

  • Steam iron

  • Sweater drying rack

  • Towel

  • Clothespins

  • Clothes hanger with clips

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Step 1

Flatten the hem of your sweater with a steam iron. Read the care label on the sweater carefully and use the steam on the iron according to the label directions.

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Step 2

Dry your wet sweater on a drying rack. These are available in mesh materials that you can lay over the bathtub. Roll the sweater up tightly in a towel first to remove excess moisture. Lay the sweater out in the original shape with the hem at the edge of the drying rack. Attach a few clothespins to the hem of the sweater and the edge of the drying rack to ensure it doesn't roll up during the drying process. Once the hem dries flat there is less of a chance of it rolling up.


Step 3

Hang your sweater upside down on a clothes hanger with clips. Attach the clips to the hem of the sweater every couple of inches. The weight and clips ensure it does not roll up. This is only appropriate for lightweight sweaters that won't stretch out of shape when hung to dry.


Watch how you sit down. As you prepare to sit, smooth the back of your sweater so that it lies flat against the sofa or chair back. This prevents it from rolling due to compression. It may be necessary to dry a heavy sweater overnight on the sweater drying rack and then turn it over to dry the other side. Use the clothespins on the hem again once you flip it.



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