Mainstays Mid-Back Office J40 Chair Instructions

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Mainstays is a brand of bedroom, office and kitchen furniture handled and sold by Wal-Mart stores in the United States. Mainstays manufactures a wide range of office furniture, including the mid-back J-40 office chair. The J-40 comes in black and has rolling bottom wheels. This chair requires some assembly. It can be assembled with common household tools and does not require a lot of mechanical or building experience. It will take approximately 30 minutes to assemble your Mainstays office chair.


Step 1

Remove all the pieces of the chair from its packaging and check off all pieces against the parts check list inside the instructions.

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Step 2

Install the seat and base extending from the bottom of the chair into the wheel base and tighten the large nut by hand.


Step 3

Flip the chair on its side and install the wheels by turning them to the right onto the posts protruding from the bottom of the legs.

Step 4

Line up the bolt on the back rest through the hole on the frame and then fasten it down with the large plastic nut.


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