How to Cube Butter

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Things You'll Need

  • stick of very cold butter

  • knife

Cubing your butter is the best way to evenly disperse it in a dish.

Butter has many properties that enhance nearly every aspect of food: flavor, texture, appearance and more. In a pie crust, cold butter melts slowly, creating crisp, flaky layers. Cold butter sprinkled on top of a casserole browns and crisps the topping. In these dishes and others, even dispersion of butter is key, and cubing the butter is the best way to achieve that.


Step 1

Unwrap the butter. It should be very cold, but not frozen.

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Step 2

Cut the butter in half lengthwise, so you have two long slabs. Do not separate the halves.

Step 3

Turn the butter over so an uncut long plane faces up. Slice the butter into three long slices. Do not separate the slices.


Step 4

Slice the stick of butter thinly, starting at one of the short ends. This will result in many small cubes of butter.

Step 5

Separate the cubes with your fingers.


You can make your cubes smaller or larger by making more or fewer slices, respectively.



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