How to Create a Leather Wrap on a Walking Stick

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Things You'll Need

  • Leather string

  • Bowl

  • Water

  • Paper towels

  • Walking stick

Walking sticks aren't just for fictional adventurers.

Illustrated fairy and folk tales often portray wizards, elves and adventurers holding walking sticks as they travel through forests and mountains on great adventures. The walking stick isn't just a romantic notion, suitable only for the land of fiction, however. It can help take stress off your back and knees as you hike, particularly when going up and down hill. If you've recently made or purchased a walking stick, wrapping a leather grip around it is a wise idea.


Step 1

Soak 3 yards of leather string in a small bowl of warm water. Remove the string from the bowl after 10 minutes and wipe it down with paper towels.

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Step 2

Make a 4-inch-long loop with one end of the leather. Hold this loop vertically against the walking stick, in the middle of the part of the rod where you want your leather wrap to be. The top of the loop should be pointing downward. The bottom of the loop, which contains one end of the leather cord, will be up top; call this endpoint "A."

Step 3

Wrap the remainder of the leather string tightly around this loop that is laying flat against the stick, starting at the top of the rod and working your way down. Cover over the loop you made as you move downward.

Step 4

Stop wrapping the leather string when only 1/4 inch of the loop is exposed. Thread the end of your leather through the remaining portion of the loop. The end of the string you just threaded through the end of the loop is point "B."


Step 5

Hold onto point "B" with one hand while pulling on the end of the leather string at point "A." This will cause the upper portion of the string to yank the lower portion underneath the wrapped string grip you've made, creating an anchor and concealing the connecting portion of the string wrap.

Step 6

Allow the leather string to dry overnight. It will tighten around the walking stick as it dries.


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