How to Troubleshoot a Grohe Kitchen Sink Pull Out That Won't Switch From Stream to Spray

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Things You'll Need

  • Flat screwdriver

  • Compressed air

Grohe makes and sells a variety of plumbing fixtures. Among the fixtures in their line of kitchen faucets is their pullout sprayer models. A Grohe pullout sprayer is convenient because it provides the user with the ability to pull off the faucet-head, which connects to a hose, and spray hard to clean items such as pots and pans. The head of the sprayer has a button that selects between stream and spray. If your Grohe kitchen sprayer will not switch from stream to spray, use a straightforward procedure to troubleshoot the problem.


Step 1

Check the water pressure in the house by turning on a different fixture. The Grohe pullout sprayer works best with adequate water pressure, and if your pressure has dropped temporarily, it may affect the pullout's ability to switch between stream and spray.

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Step 2

Inspect the pullout's hose and the connection under the sink if you have adequate water pressure. Ensure that the hose is not kinked and the connection is not leaking. Either of these situations can affect the pullout's ability to function properly.


Step 3

Pry off the button cover on the head of the sprayer to access the switching mechanism. Use a flat screwdriver to pry off the cover. Remove the button lever and blow out the button cavity with a can of compressed air. Mineral deposits or other debris can become lodged in the mechanism, preventing it from operating properly. Thoroughly clean the button cavity with the compressed air and reassemble the sprayer head.


Step 4

Replace the sprayer head if none of the previous efforts have yielded results. Sometimes the sprayer head wears out and cannot be repaired.


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