How to Change a Moen Filter

Changing a Moen filter depends upon what type of water filtration your faucet uses. Moen uses two types of filters inside the faucet spout and they also have an under sink filter cartridge. You should be familiar with what type of filter your faucet uses. If there is a filter cartridge under the sink, you need an under sink cartridge. If there is no cartridge under the sink, you need one of the two faucet spout cartridges. Moen suggests changing the filter every six months.

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Micro Tech 400 and 600 Filters (No Spray Faucet)

Shut off the water supply to the faucet under the sink. The water shut valve handles turn clockwise to stop the flow of water.

Twist the faucet spout head counterclockwise to unlock it from the spout. Pull the faucet head with the filter cartridge straight out of the spout neck.

Grasp the filter with one hand and the faucet head with your other hand. Pull the filter away from the faucet head. Line up the new filter into the faucet head and press the two together until you hear them lock in place.

Insert the filter into the faucet spout with the faucet head pointing up. Turn the faucet head clockwise to lock the faucet head to the spout.

Micro Tech 5000 Filter (Spray Hose Head)

Pull the faucet spray head out enough that you can grab the spray hose. Hold the end of the spray hose with one hand and twist the spray head counterclockwise to disconnect the hose from the head.

Turn the spray head over so that the nozzle is pointing up. Lift the filter cover off the spray head neck with your fingers.

Pull the old filter out and install the new filter. Place the filter cover over the spray head neck until it snaps into place.

Line up the notches between the bottom of the spray head with the end of the spray hose. Turn the spray head clockwise to connect the hose. Insert the spray head back into the faucet.

ChoiceFlo 950/9600 Under Sink Filter

Twist the filter cartridge clockwise to unlock the cartridge from the base. Pull the cartridge straight down to remove it from the base.

Insert the replacement cartridge until you feel it seat inside the base.

Turn the cartridge counterclockwise to lock it into position.

Turn the water supply back on to the faucet.


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